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Sharing the Journey

A desire to live her own life was the motivation for Ellen to move out of her family home



Ellen with her parents, Pauline and KimFiercely independent from a very young age, Ellen, was determined to be like her brothers and live her own life.

From the age of two, Ellen [pictured left with her mother Pauline and father Kim] had regular breaks at Identitywa’s Children’s House which she absolutely loved.

Pauline said Ellen would ask as soon as she got home when she was going back for her next stay.

“Ellen transitioned from the Children’s House to the Adult House before moving into her Identitywa shared house about three years ago,” explains Pauline.

“Ellen is very confident and an active young woman.  She is a very social person, so sharing a house really suits her,” says Pauline.

“The staff have been wonderful to Ellen, which is great as she is always ready to share her opinions!”

When asked what she like best about living in the shared house, Ellen says: “I like being able to do what I want and being independent of my family.”


Ellen recently featured in her own short movie.  Hear Ellen and her mum, Pauline, talk about their experience with Identitywa and how it has enabled Ellen to achieve her dream of independence:

Identitywa is one of WA’s leading agencies supporting people with disability to live the life they choose. 

With a strong commitment to Person Centred Active Support, staff work in partnership with individuals to explore, plan and design support options to suit their individual needs.

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