People with disability have the right to work in an environment that is open, inclusive and accessible.
(United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Article 27).



DDWA believe that one of the best ways to obtain employment is through creating a job (known as job customisation) where the employer matches the skills of the person undertaking the work and the needs of the workplace.

The information below is designed to help people understand employment options, support available to them and steps they can take to improve their likelihood of being employed.

DDWA Services

Support Coordination

DDWA can provide supports through Support Coordination to assist you in seeking employment support.


DDWA can support you to advocate for your rights to seek and maintain employment.


Kick Starting Your Child's Career Journey

Online Education

Job Customisation

Job Customisation is an approach to finding employment that does not rely on advertised vacancies or a competitive application process. Instead, the employer is invited to focus on tasks that need to be done, across their whole business, to create new customised opportunities which are a match for the skills, motivation, interests and potential of your son or daughter with intellectual disability.  This course introduces families to the process behind Job Customisation and covers 5 steps to consider.

picture of jessica at work

Plain English job description

An example of a plain English job description for a customised Office Assistant position.

Other Resources

The Everyone Can Work website helps people with intellectual disability to find Open employment.  This is where both people with and without disability work together in regular jobs.

Ticket to Work – this website site has specific information relating to school to work transition for secondary students with disability.

Man in a wheelchair working in a office