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Communicating with your school

May 11, 2022
What is the best way to communicate my child’s needs?  Find out from your child’s class teacher how and when they will communicate with you about your child’s needs and how they prefer the communication to occur.  Some teachers rely…
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Funding support at your local school

May 11, 2022
What additional funding support does your local public school receive for students with disability? For each eligible student with disability, your local school can apply for the Individual Disability Allocation (IDA). Before the school can receive funding, they need to…
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Additional support at your local school

May 11, 2022
My child doesn’t have a diagnosis, can I expect support in a mainstream class at my local school?  The school’s learning support team will support the teacher to identify students needing additional support. Talk to your child’s class teacher, or…

Individualised Planning- Curriculum Adjustments

May 11, 2022
What curriculum adjustments is my child entitled to under the Disability Standards for Education?  All schools must enable students with disability to participate in courses or programs and to use the school facilities and services provided, on the same basis…
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Can my child go on the special school bus service?

March 15, 2022
Students attending education support centres and schools in the metropolitan area can access the School Bus Service’s (SBS) to attend school regularly. The ‘Orange’ bus service is provided by the Public Transport Authority using contracted bus services. SBS is also…
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How do I choose the right school for my child ?

February 28, 2022
Introduction Every child has the right to attend their local Government school, regardless of any disability they may have.  Research has shown repeatedly that when children with disability are included in their local school community, they and their peers without disability…