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Community Educators Project

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This project brought together people with intellectual disability to explore the issues and barriers they face when accessing mainstream services.  A number of activities and events were held including a peer group and the inaugural On the Couch event (see video).  People were invited to share their story on short videos’ and also co-present at small professional development sessions for staff in mainstream services. Although the project is officially closed, Community Educators continue to meet to develop self-advocacy and personal story-telling skills*.

This project was funded through the Department of Communities and ran during 2018-2019 to target the ILC outcome of; increased knowledge and capability within mainstream services on how to meet the needs of people with intellectual disability.

*A team of Community Educators, supported by a digital presentation in which they feature, is now available to present Inclusion Awareness sessions to services in Perth.  This group identified barriers to their participation and developed a format to present this to services in order to promote their inclusion in community life on the same terms as other people.  A peer group has formed and is ongoing and available for others to join. For more information contact Maxine Drake at