People with intellectual and other developmental disabilities may find it more difficult to transition through various life stages as there is often more planning required to get the best outcomes.


DDWA support people to proactively plan for common transition points in life such as:

  • Diagnosis/early intervention
  • Accessing or planning for NDIS
  • Starting kindy/pre-school
  • Moving to primary school
  • Moving to high school
  • Leaving school
  • Starting study, employment
  • Changing employment
  • Starting relationships
  • Moving out of home
  • Retiring from work
  • Preparing for illness/death of a parent

DDWA Services

Support Coordination

DDWA can provide supports through Support Coordination to assist you to plan for times of transition.


DDWA can advocate for your rights to obtain necessary planning support and services to assist with times of transition.

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Planning and Making Choices

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Approaching 16

Now You're 18

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