Developmental Disability WA was established in 1985 and is a trusted source of independent information, advocacy, education and support for people with intellectual and other developmental disability, their families and the people who support them. DDWA offers free membership to individuals and family members and others who have an interest in advancing the rights and needs of people with disability.


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People with developmental disabilities and their families live their lives their way.


DDWA works in three main ways:

To support people with developmental disabilities and their families to have a strong voice and seek change where needed.

To influence government and other decision makers to make positive and lasting change.

To build the expectations and capacity of people with developmental disability and their families.

To inform people and families about their rights, choices and options to equitable services and supports.

To support people with developmental disabilities and their families to live their everyday lives.

To partner with others to develop more connected and inclusive communities.


  • People are the experts in their own lives and have the right to self-determination and contribution.
  • Our membership and our relationships reflect the diversity of this community of interest.
  • Sometimes people need skills and support to be heard.
  • Developmental Disability WA practices consistent dedication to long lasting change.
  • Mutually supportive relationships sustain us and keep us connected, inspired and motivated.

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