Here you will find all our current resources, as well as curated resources from other organisations.

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Recent Publications

Autism Parent's Handbook

Planning to go to the Dentist

Working Together, therapy in the early years

Supporting School-age Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Teaching Students with Disabilities

Now You're 18

Now You're 16

Kick Starting Your Child's Career Journey

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

DDWA Resource Library

There's no such thing as a silly question

Personalised Learning Support Plans Used in Education

Planning and Making Choices

What is your child's challenging behaviour trying to tell you?

I Am Trying to Tell You Something!

Your Dental Health

Getting Help From An Advocate

Hospital Admission Forms

Choosing What Matters

Thinking Ahead

Walking Along Side Me

Making Changes Through Goal Setting

Standing Up For Someone You Love

Further Reading

Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights

Pain - A Guide for Parents

Emergencies Happen: Protect What Matters Most

Starting School

Starting Out