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Emily’s Olympic Win

Softly spoken and unassuming, Emily (pictured above, centre) could easily be mistaken for your average young woman.

Let me assure you, she is not.

Recently returning from Abu Dhabi, Emily is the proud winner of an Olympic Silver medal.

Competing as one of only two women in the Men’s World Special Olympic Soccer Team, Emily remains humble about this incredible Achievement.

“It takes, commitment and hard work” Emily responded when asked how others could go about achieving such a goal.

“The first time on the field, in the first tournament I was nervous.” Emily explained that like anyone else she was not without nerves, on the field and also about embarking on such a huge journey across the globe.

“We are so proud of her, she did really well but Emily was definitely ready to come home by the end.” Emily’s mum Caron said, glowing with pride.


Emily is not only passionate about her own sporting goals but shared that she would love to see more woman and people with disability included and encouraged to play sports.  Since early 2017 Emily and her Family Support WA support workers have been organizing a quarterly tournament called “GAME ON” encouraging people with disability to participate in a day-long tournament of various sports such as basketball and soccer.  The GAME ON day is hugely popular with an average of fifteen to twenty people joining us on each of the days. Emily continues to plan and run the day for people with the next GAME ON taking place in April 2019.

When asked what Emily’s next goal for her sporting career was Emily shared:  “The next world Special Olympics in Germany, for sure!”

We have no doubt Emily will continue to conquer whatever challenge she sets herself.

Written by April Hipkins,
Family Support WA

Image courtesy of Special Olympics Australia


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