Where do I advertise for support staff?

There are various ways to advertise for staff.

It could be word of mouth or written advertisements. You could use one or more platforms. You could choose to use services from service providers or if you are self or plan managed you may choose your own workers.

Here are some options of where to advertise for your own support staff:

WA Families and Disability Support workers job network 


Support workers, carers and families in Perth – Facebook group


Bruno Health is an APP you can use to search for support staff including therapy assistants 


Ascend Health is another option

Ascend Health Group ⎮ Uni Student Support Workers

Mobility is an APP you can use to search for support staff


Hire Up is an online platform for searching for support staff


Advertise at uni or TAFE 


Humdrum is another option for finding support staff


Seek and Indeed are paid platforms for advertising. If you do utilise these paid platforms then the cost of advertising is claimable from the NDIS plan.

You may find this WAiS resource useful for interviewing potential support staff: