What We Do:  Individuals and Families

DDWA has been working with people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities and their families for over 30 years.  We offer the following services:

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for Individuals and Families.

Individual Advocacy

Are you finding some meetings with health, education and disability staff are difficult?

Do you feel you need someone to support you to stand up for your rights and be heard?

NDIS Parent & Carer Training

Do you feel you need training in ways to support your son’s or daughter’s

Now you can use NDIS funding to help support them.

Remember to include Training in your NDIS Plan

Side By Side

We offer support for families who have a son or daughter who has intellectual or developmental disability; and who has behaviour which can be described as challenging.

NDIS Independent Support Coordination

As your Independent Support Coordinator we will support and assist you to optimise your NDIS plan, in order to get the best outcomes from your funded supports.

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