First Steps in Hospital

Module 02

This page will help you understand what happens in hospital, how your child’s recovery is supported, and how your child is cared for. 

Perth Children's Hospital
Telethon Kids Institute

At hospital, there will be several doctors who will help, and you will also meet the gastrostomy nurse in the gastroenterology team who will show you how to care for the wound and how to feed with the device in place. You will also learn about a low-profile device which may be fitted after the gastrostomy wound is well healed.

Each video in this module has an Ask and Do sheet that you can download. Each sheet will go over the ideas shared in the videos in a question/answer format and also provide extra tasks for you to try.

It is important to know that learning in hospital is the first step. The nursing staff will talk about how to contact them when extra help is needed when you have additional concerns. You do not have to be an expert in a day. You will become more comfortable with each of the steps with practice.

We suggest sharing this information to others in your support network who can help.

Parents and child

01. Learning about the care your child will receive in hospital and how to feed and look after the gastrostomy wound.

This video helps to prepare for the time when your child goes to hospital to have a gastrostomy. You will learn what happens before and after the surgery, the steps taken to feed with a gastrostomy tube and how to take care for the stoma wound.

The following resources are published by Perth Childrens Hospital (PCH).  Each hospital may differ slightly.

02. Learning about the low-profile device, how it works and when and why it is fitted.

This video gives information about the low-profile device, including when and why it is used, how it is fitted, and how it is used. A Mic-key button is a commonly used brand in Australia. You may hear people refer to the device by this name. Other brands are also available. The terms ‘button’ and ‘PEG’ also can be used.