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Nourish is an online resource that has been designed with parents and advised by clinicians from Perth Children’s Hospital and other clinicians around Australia. It includes videos and Ask and Do sheets.

Learning about gastrostomy usually begins in the clinic with the medical, nursing, and allied health staff. Clinic staff will provide support before the procedure, in hospital and help with solving any problems that might come up once you are at home again.

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Nourish has 3 modules or sections with information Videos and Ask and Do exercises to support your learning about gastrostomy.

A percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is used for external feeding (tube through the wall of the stomach) for people who cannot eat or drink using their mouth.


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In our videos, you will meet parents who have experience with gastrostomy. Each has worked with our team to answer some of the many questions parents may have. You will meet clinicians from the Perth Children’s Hospital.

There are Ask and Do sheets with each video. Throughout the Ask and Do sheets, we often suggest you talk to someone close who may be helping with your child’s care. Talking about what you are learning with others will help as you build your knowledge and confidence.

Learn & Decide

Module 01

You will learn about gastrostomy, why this may be recommended and who will help you. Parents share their experiences.

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First Steps in Hospital

Module 02

You will learn about what will happen once your child is admitted to hospital to have the gastrostomy inserted and how to feed.

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Living Well With Gastrostomy

Module 03

Parents who have a child with gastrostomy speak about their experiences from early days to ongoing life with their family.

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Nourish People

Jenny Downs

A/Prof Jenny Downs

“I am Head of the Disability Research Program at Telethon Kids. I conceptualised and designed Nourish and coordinated it's development. For information about this project, please contact me at:
Nada Murphy

Ms Nada Murphy

"I am a researcher at Telethon Kids Institute and an artist. I designed and developed Nourish and was responsible for video production."

The gastroenterology team at Perth Children’s Hospital contributed content for the videos and provided overall oversight. Thank you Dr Madhur Ravikumara, gastroenterologist, and Bree and Jayne, gastrostomy nurses.

Many parent caregivers with a child with a gastrostomy shared their experiences. Thank you, Emma and Peter, Laura, and Jodie who also contributed content for the videos.

Four expert clinicians outside the development team from New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia provided guidance for the content of Nourish.

Dr Emma Glasson and Ms Catherine Rennison provided support and assistance throughout the development of Nourish.

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Every child and family are different.
Take time, ask for support, ask questions, watch, listen and share.

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