Learn & Decide

Module 01

Here you will learn about Gastrostomy, what happens, why this may be recommended for your child and who will help you. Parents who have decided to go ahead with gastrostomy will talk about their decisions and how they felt.

Perth Children's Hospital
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Choosing a gastrostomy for your child is a difficult decision that will take time and thought. Each child’s needs are unique.

This module will help you learn what a gastrostomy is and other key information you need to know before making the decision.

Each video has an associated Ask and Do sheet you can use online or download.

You are encouraged to think about who you can ask to help you work through these tasks. It is helpful to include someone close who may be helping with your child’s care.

Remember to discuss any special concerns you have for your child with your child’s health care team.

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01. Services for children with feeding problems at the Perth's Childrens Hospital (PCH)

This video tells you about the staff at the hospital who help with feeding difficulties and may support you and your child. The video will explain how the professional teams work together and some key terms.

02. What is a gastrostomy?

This video introduces you to key concepts about gastrostomy.

03. How the gastrostomy team can help you.

This video introduces you to the gastrostomy team.

Record details of your health team using our contact sheet:

04. How safe is a gastrostomy?

This video will help you understand how the gastroenterologist makes sure gastrostomy insertion is a safe procedure for your child.

05. Can a gastrostomy be reversed?

This video will help you understand how and why a gastrostomy is reversed. A gastrostomy can be used for only a short while if needed. It may be used as a long-term feeding option.

06. Other surgical procedures that can be used.

This video will help you understand two additional surgical procedures, fundoplication and jejunostomy, and when and why they may be considered for your child.

07. Parents speak about their decision to go ahead.

This video shares their experiences and points of view about deciding to go ahead with gastrostomy for their child.