DDWA and PWdWA welcome announcement by McGowan Government

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DDWA and PWdWA welcome announcement by McGowan Government

MEDIA RELEASE:  WA Transition to Federal NDIS

12 December 2017 Developmental Disability WA, People with Disabilities WA and our advocacy partners Advocacy South West and Sussex St Community Law Service, welcome the announcement by the McGowan Government that WA will be signing up to the federal NDIS. The announcement provides much needed certainty for people with disabilities, their families and carers who have experienced much anxiety waiting for a decision. Western Australians will now be assured that they are part of a fully national scheme that is consistent across Australia. We acknowledge there have been diverse view in the disability community about the best way forward, and this may not have been the outcome some stakeholders hoped for. DDWA and PWDWA have consistently heard from our members and through extensive consultation that there were not better outcomes from the state system over the federal scheme.

“DDWA, representing the biggest population group in the NDIS, has campaigned for years for a responsive national system to address unmet need. Although we know continual advocacy will be needed particularly with people with complex needs.” Taryn Harvey CEO DDWA.

WA stakeholders can now be part of national advocacy on critical system design issues as well as feeding in to the national scheme the benefits of the WA model. Samantha Jenkinson from PWDWA:

“Now we can actively engage with policy development at the national level and ensure that the best practice and good work of Western Australia is part of the national scheme. There is current policy development and funding happening at the national level, which as a state we have not had access to, and can now participate in. This includes funding and support for specialist disability accommodation as well as being able to access the national grants for information, linkages and capacity building.”

As part of the National Scheme West Australians will have access to innovation and contemporary practice that is being pushed nationally and can be assured of national policy consistency. “Both our organisations have been impressed with the level of engagement of NDIA and we have been actively engaged in national policy discussion. We hope to continue to do so and bring the experience of West Australians with disability to the table” said Ms Harvey.

“For a national service system to be effective it has to be responsive locally. We need the state government to continue to play a leadership role in negotiating on Western Australia’s particular needs. The state must be an advocate of state issues at COAG, and the Minister for Disability must raise issues within the state government around responsiveness and accountability of mainstream services to people with disability,” said Ms Jenkinson. “As representative organisations of people with disabilities, their families and carers we want to work with the state government to support the sustainability of the NDIS by ensuring our state services are fully inclusive and accessible. To this end we call on the state government to establish a state NDIS transition working group that has strong representation of people with disabilities, families and carers to work through transition issues and mainstream service interface issues. Confirmation of state advocacy funding is now needed to allow representative organisations to work with state government on transition to NDIS and to keep the voice of Western Australian People with disabilities at the forefront.”

This certainty on the way forward allows people with disability, their families and carers to plan ahead. It also gives certainty to the disability sector. For comment please contact Taryn Harvey on 0488 661 277 or Samantha Jenkinson on 0412 887 674

NDIS roll out in Western Australia FAQs:

PWdWA and DDWA Media Release:

Prime Minister’s Media Release 12 December 2017

Department of Communities Statement from Grahame Searle, Interim Director General 12 December 2017

Premier Mark McGowan (right) signs new NDIS agreement with WA Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson

Mr McGowan released this statement on Facebook, 12 December 2017:

After careful consideration and extensive negotiations with the Commonwealth, today I am proud to announce that WA will join the nationally-delivered NDIS scheme.

  By signing this agreement we have guaranteed the best outcome for Western Australians with disability, their families and their carers. Joining the NDIS provides lifetime support for those that need it the most. We have delivered long term certainty, and put the interests of people with disability first. Western Australia will no longer be an outsider. We are now placed to influence the future direction of the NDIS – as part of a national approach.”


Prime Minister’s Media Release:

Western Australia to join the nationally-delivered National Disability Insurance Scheme






Tuesday, 12 December 2017 Western Australia to join the nationally-delivered National Disability Insurance Scheme The Australian and Western Australian Governments have reached agreement to bring Western Australia into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The agreement replaces the agreement signed in January 2017 by the previous Western Australian Government for a WA administered NDIS. Western Australians with a disability, as well as their families and carers, now have certainty on the future of the NDIS. Joining the nationally-delivered NDIS means people with a disability in Western Australia, and right across the country, will have the support they need through a nationally consistent and nationally delivered NDIS. Today’s announcement reflects the shared commitment by Australian Governments to the NDIS and is the final step towards making the NDIS a truly national scheme. From 1 July 2018, the National Disability Insurance Agency will assume responsibility for the delivery of the NDIS in WA. The NDIS will continue to roll out on a geographic basis and will be fully rolled out across Western Australia by 2020. People already taking part in the WA NDIS will transfer to the nationally delivered scheme in a phased approach from April 2018 and conclude by December 2018. The Australian and Western Australian governments will work closely with the National Disability Insurance Agency to implement the transition. The Turnbull Government is committed to fully funding the NDIS through raising the Medicare levy by 0.5 per cent. We encourage our colleagues in the Senate to support a modest increase to the Medicare Levy to give all Australians with a disability and their families the certainty they deserve. Media contacts:

Prime Minister’s office:   Press Office, (02) 6277 7744
Social Services Minister’s office:    Kevin Donnellan, 0408 491 956
Assistant Minister’s office:    Michael Dobbie, 0436 673 326