Is There a Better Way? Broome 2018

Regional workshop held in Broome - "Is There a Better Way"

DDWA’s Side By Side team held what turned out to be an awesome workshop in Broome in October 2018. Our team also got to enjoy an evening with some of the folks who attended the workshop.  They met big kids and little kids and got to just hang out and get to know them all.

“What a great community- we are so lucky to be able to share some time with all … I’m sure the connections will continue!” said Bronwyn Pike.

Remember, if you are one of DDWA’s regional members and would are interested in attending a workshop, then we would love to hear from you!

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Jaquie Mills presenting at the Broome workshop, October 2018

Attendees at “Is There a Better Way?” Broome 2018

Venue:  Broome Circle