KARRATHA Negotiating for someone you love with service providers/schools

Family and education advocacy with DDWA advocacy specialists Maxine Drake and Leticia Grant.

Being strong and resilient in difficult meetings and discussions with education, health, disability and other service providers.

FAMILY ADVOCACY Being strong and resilient in difficult meetings and discussions with health, disability and other service providers.

EDUCATION ADVOCACY How to negotiate for your child with schools.

If you go to meetings or appointments to stand up for your child, friend or relative with disability and feel intimidated, anxious, outnumbered, powerless or not heard by professionals, then there are some simple strategies you can use to achieve good outcomes.

If you would like to feel comfortable and confident going to meetings and know that you’re going to be heard and that there will be fair outcomes, then this session is for you!

We will explore the attitudes and strategies we need, to stand up for someone without getting worn down and frustrated ourselves.

Our team brings wide experience in the areas of Health, Guardianship, Education and NDIS advocacy.

Maxine Drake – Experienced health, guardianship and education specialist senior advocate with a strong background in protecting people’s human rights.

Leticia Grant – Advocate with extensive NDIS, health, disability and school systems navigation expertise and lived experience of parenting a child with complex needs.

Where: Welcome Lotteries House
7 Morse Court
Karratha, WA 6714
When: Tuesday October 12, 2021 | Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm AWST

Sponsor: These workshops have been brought to you by Move Your Body studio and Developmental Disability WA.

For more information about Move your Body Studio contact Carol 0438 831 574.

Cost: FREE includes welcome cuppa and light lunch.

Info: Leticia.Grant@ddwa.org.au or 9420 7203 (Mon – Thu) or Teresa.Pracilio@ddwa.org.au or 9420 7203

2.30pm—5.00pm 1:1 individual advocacy meetings (half an hour)

To make an appointment email leticia.grant@ddwa.org.au