Case Study No. 41: Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse

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Case Study No. 41: Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse


The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has released its Report of Case Study No. 41 dated May 2017.  This particular Case Study looks at institutional responses to allegations of the sexual abuse of children with disability, with specific focus on a number of institutions across a number of States.

The Report stated that: “The Royal Commission is aware that sexual abuse of children has occurred in many institutions, off of which could be investigated in a public hearing. However, if the Royal Commission were to attempt that task, a great many resources would need to be applied over an indeterminate, but lengthy, period of time. For this reason the Commissioners have accepted criteria by which Senior Counsel Assisting will identify appropriate matters for a public hearing and bring them forward as individual ‘case studies’.”

DDWA has contacted the Royal Commission secretariat about Report of Case Study No. 41, and they have confirmed that recommendations to lead to a safer environment, and more appropriate responses to people who do suffer abuse, will be part of the Commissioners’ work and final report which will be submitted by 15 December 2017.

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