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Hospital: Emergency / Planned Admission Forms

Hospital Passport – People With Disability

What these forms are:

These much-awaited Hospital Admission forms are for families to use when someone with a disability is going to hospital, either urgently or for a planned admission. These forms have been developed through consultation with health professionals, disability service providers, families and other interested parties.

Why we are sharing these:

Families are concerned that health professionals may not be able to obtain useful information about their family member, especially in a crisis. These forms enable families to complete the important information themselves and ensure that this is taken into account by being placed in the medical record. We recommend that families have the form ready to go as needed, either fully or partially completed as appropriate, so that it can be made available to the treating team.

Hospital Admission forms are in addition to the Hospital Passport

Please note that these Hospital Admission forms are not intended to replace the Hospital Passport idea. Members have called for a Hospital Passport that will provide a more detailed explanation of the particular needs of a family member with a disability who is spending time in hospital. See link below.

Want to know more?

If members or others have any questions regarding these forms and their use, please contact Maxine Drake by phone on 9420 7205 or email. We also welcome your feedback or questions.

What’s next?

There are many forms of such a document available online. We will also be exploring these and encourage any sharing of good examples so that we can post these on our website too.

Download the Emergency Transfer form:

Download the Planned Admission form:

Download the Hospital Passport form: