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Understanding and Setting NDIS Goals

This is a series of Readers developed by DDWA with people with communication disability. The readers talk about different things like; money, goals and the NDIS. They can help you to explore things that you like to do, and help you to make goals for your life and get help from the NDIS to achieve them.

You can download the readers as PDF files or follow the links to read them in the Tar Heel Reader. Tar Heel Reader is a website that has a range of accessible books that are free of charge.

Asking for Support

This website tells you about your right to ask for the support you need to make decisions and live a healthy life.

Tips for Your NDIS Planning Meeting

This information guide gives you some ideas to help you at your NDIS planning meeting.

How to get an NDIS plan for your child

This book is about how to get a National Disability Insurance Scheme plan or NDIS plan for your child.

The NDIS in Easy English

The booklets on this page are developed by the Raising Children Network.  They are about the NDIS and children.

The booklets are written for parents and carers of children with disability and developmental delay.  There are 8 different topics:

  1. The NDIS: people who can help you and your child
  2. The NDIS: how it can help your child under 7 years
  3. How to get an NDIS plan for your child
  4. Goals for your child and the NDIS
  5. Inclusion and your child with disability
  6. Education for children with disability: your rights
  7. Your rights with disability professional
  8. Your first meeting with a disability professional

NDIS released a new self-management policy and they have also developed an Easy Read version.

The book talks about various topics including:
1. Finding out about your options
2. Deciding who can manage their plan
3. Managing your own funding
4. Paying for supports and services
5. Making sure your plan works well
6. When someone does the wrong thing

Managing your own funding