Swimming for All

Course Outline

Swimming for All is a free learning package of four video modules and some downloadable resources; developed to help you enhance your skills around supporting people with disability including those with complex needs, to enjoy the pool and learn to be safe in the water and swim.

Module 01 is about reminding us of the benefits of swimming for everyone; and everyone’s rights to enjoy and be safe in the water.

Module 02 provides information about supporting people who cannot use speech to communicate, and may behave in ways we find challenging at the pool. This can help pool workers and swimming teachers to understand behaviours and help people to express their needs when being at the pool.

Module 03 is about strategies for swimming and safety in the pool

Module 04 provides you with some other links and resources to learn more about swimming teaching, pool access, behaviour supports and communication needs when teaching or working with children and adults with disability.

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