Job Customisation

Customising a job for a person with intellectual disability.

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Job Customisation is an approach to finding employment that does not rely on advertised vacancies or a competitive application process. Instead, the employer is invited to focus on tasks that need to be done, across their whole business, to create new customised opportunities which are a match for the skills, motivation, interests and potential of your son or daughter with intellectual disability. 

This course introduces families to the process behind Job Customisation and covers the 5 steps to consider:

Step 01 Understanding Your Child

Step 02 Exploring Job Ideas 

Step 03 Meeting with Employers

Step 04 Creating a Customised Job

Step 05 Putting Supports in Place

Step 01

Understanding Your Child: What are your son or daughters' interests, strengths, skills, and needs? What kind of work and workplaces might be a good fit?

Step 02

Exploring Job Ideas : Make a list of potential companies, organisations and workplaces to connect with and discuss opportunities for Job Customisation.

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Step 03

Meeting with Employers: Contact potential employer's from your short-list to make a time to meet and discuss your ideas for customised job opportunities for your child.

Step 04

Creating a Customised Job: When there is a potential match it is time to co-create the job description, conditions of employment and put the supports in place to give your child the best opportunity for success.

Step 05

Putting Supports in Place: Supports should be tailored to meet the needs of your child, the position, and the work environment. Working together with the employer is key to getting support right and staying flexible over time.

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About this Course

This online course was developed as part of a project funded by the Western Australian Department of Communities (Disability Services).  This project delivered a series of workshops to families across Perth and Regional WA to introduce the approach of Job Customisation as a successful employment strategy to support people with intellectual disability to secure a job. The workshop was developed and presented by Sue Roberston and Mary Butterworth.

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