Foundations to understanding behaviour

Understanding behaviour to better respond to people with disabilities and complex communication needs.

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Foundations to understanding behaviour is a free learning package of five video modules, developed to help you enhance your knowledge and skills around supporting people with disability and complex communication needs.

Module 01 provides an introduction to understanding behaviour and how we regulate our emotions.

Module 02 talks about the role that relationships play in understanding behaviour.

Module 03 talks about supporting people with disability to have access to communication in different ways at all times, and how we can understand behaviour as an expression of communication.

Module 04 talks about three important ways we can help our brain to be in a calm place.

Module 05 talks about how health and pain are related to behaviour.

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Module 01

Understanding regulation

Module 02

The importance of relationships

Module 04

Supporting processing


About this Course

These modules were developed as part of a project funded by the Department of Communities. The Positive Behaviour Support in Mainstream project supported a range of initiatives across mainstream services to understand and develop supports for people with a disability who may experience behaviour that we find challenging at times.