Information for NDIS Self Managers

Our staff are working to make sure we are available for any concerns or questions you have regarding your management of staff, and self managed plans. There is a lot of information circulating that is relevant to the disability community. This page will be updated regularly and may help you to plan and prepare to maintain appropriate supports for your loved one.


COVID19 Self Managers information

Information from the Department of Commerce regarding employment impacted by COVID19

Employment impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus

Health & Safety during COVID 19 duty to workers

Duties under WHS laws

There is free online training for support workers – includes supporting people’s choice, communication, mealtimes, staying safe.


Disability Services Consulting provide these courses. On completion, there are certificates.

DSC's free online support worker training

Have a look at this checklist to review what supports you have in place around many aspects of planning.

A Checklist for Covid19 support (adapted from The Growing Space)

Self Managers FAQ

Cleaning and Hygiene guidelines for staff coming into your home

Sanitation Supplies

We understand that it can be quite challenging to acquire the appropriate sanitisation supplies required to keep homes clean and people protected from the virus. Here are a few options:
  •  We suggest reaching out to your community and seeing if anyone has supply’s they can spare.
  • Make your own hand-sanitiser, or disinfectant. We suggest searching online for “natural disinfectants”, or “natural hand-sanitiser” to find recipes.
  • Look into local distilleries who are making hand-sanitisers, or make your own. This hand-sanitiser recipe is simple and odourless vodka makes a good rubbing alcohol substitute.