Accessible Information About Coronavirus

DDWA has developed some Readers to help support people with developmental disability to understand the changes they are facing and needing to cope with during the coronavirus pandemic.

Choose the format that suits you best!


About the Readers

If the person you are supporting is learning to communicate using an AAC system, remember to model comments about each page as you share the reader together and provide plenty of pause time for the person to share their own responses to the pictures or text.

Modelling the use of AAC will help the person you are supporting to understand the readers and also help the person you are supporting to develop their own expressive language and communication too.

If the person you are supporting has difficulty with communication but does not have an AAC system, you could download and print a free communication tool created by The Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies at the University of North Carolina as a starting point. It is never too late to start exploring AAC with someone who needs it. Doing so will help you provide access to language and communication learning.

Universal Core Communication Systems


Do you need to have a COVID-19 test?

This book will help you decide. It will also tell you what the test will be like.

Getting Tested for COVID-19 Australia-wide

What will happen if I get sick?

Nulsen Group has an Easy Read document about getting the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Social story - what happens if someone has Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Help with COVID-19 Conversations

The following aided language displays were created by Janelle Sampson, Speech Language Pathologist and Director of Two Way Street to help with conversations at this time.

They can be used to support receptive understanding of spoken language and to give access to expressive language too.