Young Australia League (YAL):  Scholarships

Closing date extended to 31 October 2018

Scholarships to help disadvantaged youth

YAL is now accepting applications from students aged between 12 and 25 for a range of scholarships worth up to $12,500 annually. This is the third year that the YAL, one of Australia’s oldest youth organisations, has offered scholarship opportunities to young Australians experiencing hardship due to social circumstances, disability or distance.

This year YAL are offering a number of scholarships targeted at different groups of young people throughout Australia. With the support from a family member of Hilary Farrant (a nurse and chaperone with the YAL in the 1950’s and 1960’s) YAL are proud to be offering the Hilary Farrant Scholarship for students with disabilities. This scholarship is for students entering post-secondary education who have a disability and require financial assistance to assist them with the costs of education. The scholarship will be valued at a total of $12,500 annually for up to 3 years, or pro-rata of academic load over 6 years.

Unlike traditional scholarship opportunities, which can be highly specific in their focus, with YAL scholarships students can apply for funds for all manner of items including tuition fees, specialist courses, home tutoring, books, equipment, and even travel and living allowance.

Application forms for this and other current YAL scholarships, plus more information about the application process and the terms and conditions of the scholarships, can be found on the YAL website:

If you would like an information pack or to find out more about the scholarships, please email Tammy-Rae Schaper, Chief Executive Officer by phone on 0412 386 612 or email direct: