This is an opportunity for a person with disability to try living in a city apartment for a month*.

WA Apartment Advocacy (WAAA) was developed to create a voice for people who choose apartments in WA.


WAAA is providing, as part of an education programme to increase awareness of housing choice in West Australia, an opportunity for the people to experience apartment living in Oracle Apartments, specifically Apartment 1401, 105 Stirling Street, Perth for a calendar month.

In exchange the Participants agree to take part in this social experiment and participate in WAAA’s promotional activities.

Essentially 12 sets of people will be able to trial apartment life for a month each at no charge**.

* Unfortunately, the apartment isn’t accessible so would not suit someone who requires physical accessibility.

** A $1000.00 bond is required upfront.

Please read the attached information provided thoroughly prior to contacting Sam.

Interested parties should then contact Samantha direct at WAAA by end of June 2018 on 0452 067 117.


Find out more:

WAAA Webpage

Read the terms & conditions:

Participation Agreement