People with disability have a right to education without discrimination (Article 24).

School and Post-school education should provide good opportunities for social and academic learning for ALL students.


It is often more difficult for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to find a school they enjoy, where they have friends and are academically challenged with the right supports.

Research shows that one of the best ways to foster your child’s social and learning development is to enrol them in a school environment that offers the opportunity to mix with other students with and without disability. DDWA recognises that many mainstream schools do not yet have the knowledge or experience in supporting students with very high needs and so parents may feel their child will be better supported in a specialist setting.

The information below is designed to help people understand what education options are available to them and how to get support should there be difficulties.

DDWA Services

Advocacy - DDWA can support you to advocate for your rights to seek and maintain education options that best suit your son or daughter’s needs.

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Planning and Making Choices

Personalised Learning Support Plans Used in Education

Supporting School-age Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Teaching Students with Disabilities

Autism Parent's Handbook

Other Resources

Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education - All Means All – for Educators

Provides concise information and toolkits about inclusive education and class culture; why include, supporting peer connection, the role of education assistants, and behaviour support. 

Disability Standards for Education - Australia

A practical guide for individuals, families and communities -Explains the standards of providing education for students with disabilities and what parents/guardians can expect for supports for their children in school.

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Online Courses

Thriving in Regular Schools

Parents (Grandparents or others) thinking about the best school choice for their child with a disability will find some useful ideas in this package. People on this journey with their own children came together to share their experiences and helped to create this program, which covers topics and ideas including:

  1. How do I get the best from a regular school for my child?
  2. Tips for working in partnership and communicating with teachers
  3. How to stand up for your child in meetings and have your say in formal documented plans.
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What Makes for a Great Inclusive Culture in Schools

This training course is designed to help Educators in Mainstream schools to consolidate and enhance their knowledge and skills about:

  1. Why we do Inclusive Education?
  2. Where we have come from ? – the history of inclusive education; the law and standards
  3. What does inclusive schooling look like in practice?
  4. How can we advance our inclusive practice?
  5. Where can you get help and education resources for inclusion?