[NDIS Training #11] First Aid Essentials

First Aid Essentials for Families #11

Have you ever done a first aid course?

Do you know how to adapt some of the standard first aid procedures to assist someone with disability eg. wheelchair user?

This practical session will provide families with the knowledge and skills they need to support their family member with disability in an emergency. The presenter has medical knowledge and a greater understanding of different types of disability and how to adapt the standard procedures for a person with disability.

In this session you will learn how to respond to:

• Allergic reactions • Anaphylaxis including administering Epi Pens for amputees • Bleeding control • Burns • Chest pain, heart attack and conducting CPR for wheelchair users • Choking and airway obstruction including how to assist wheelchair users • Diabetic reactions • Fractures, sprains and strains using immobilisation techniques • Respiratory distress, including asthma • Shock • Snake bite using pressure immobilisation • Stroke

PRICING for 4.5 Hour session

NDIS funding—DDWA or Self managed funding $175.56 GST free

Additional family members or support staff $ 85.00 inc GST

If you do not have funding, please call us (Quote NDIS Ref: 15_038_0117_1_3)

Date: 29 June 2020

Location: West Perth

# At your NDIS Planning meeting quote the NDIS Price Guide “Training for Carers/Parents Support Item”
Ref No: 15_038_0117_1_3