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Parent carer training weekend video October 2022

Rockingham Parent Training

Parents and carers from our Side by Side group got together for a weekend of fun and learning in October (2021). Here are some photos from our time together.

Side by Side Family Camp November 2022

Parent carer training weekend, December 2022

Side by Side mums got together for some training over the weekend 2-4 December 2022. The parent training weekend was held in Warnbro. One of the highlights was a group discussion with behaviour support practitioner Bridget Scott from Microboards Australia.

Mandurah Dolphin Cruise

The Side by Side families had a great time on the water in Mandurah - here are some photos of the day.

Side by Side Family Camp

Here are some photos of a fun-packed weekend where families from our Side by Side group got together to share experiences and support each other.  Hosted by Maggie and Bron from Side by Side. (November 2021)

March 2022 parent training weekend


Side by Side Podcast | Video Chats

Podcast about life after school

Maggie and Bron talk to Leticia about her experiences as a parent of a young woman with disabilities who has finished school. What does life look like now? How do you prepare for life after school? Leticia is also an advocate at Developmental Disability WA.

Jamie Moving Out

Bron and Maggie talk about having a vision for moving out of home.

NDIS and Behaviour Support Webinar

Replay of DDWA webinar about challenging behaviour and accessing behaviour support in the NDIS. Hosted by Maggie and Bron from Side by Side.

Podcast about guardianship

Bron and Maggie talk to Maxine Drake, a disability advocate from DDWA about Guardianship. What is Guardianship and do we need to have it?

Podcast about Communication

Bron and Maggie have a conversation with Laura Jones about communication and some of the myths that people encounter when thinking about alternative communication.

Podcast with Max about Education

Bron and Maggie have a conversation with Max about education. Max is an individual advocate at DDWA and has extensive experience with advocacy in the schooling system.

Podcast with Jaqui about Microboards

Bron and Maggie talk with Jaquie Mills from Microboards Australia about being intentional with creating networks, considering both informal and formal supports, and relevant training.  This is about planning for the future for your loved one with the culture of the social model of disability. They talk about person centered planning and how to start a Microboard. If you want further information about Microboards Australia, then click here: Microboards Australia – My life to the max – choice control friends

Podcast with Lud Allen

Maggie and Bron talk to Lud Allen, a sexologist from South Australia, about sexuality and some upcoming consultation sessions in 2023.

Side by Side Podcast: Series One

Episode 1. A Sibling's Perspective

Maggie talks to Hannah about being a sibling to someone with challenging behaviour.

Episode 2. A Dad's Perspective

Maggie talks to Gavin about being a Dad to someone with challenging behaviour.

Episode 3. Sexuality

Maggie talks about sexuality.

Episode 4. Behaviour Support

Maggie talks about behaviour support.

Episode 5. Supported Decision Making

Maggie talks with Hannah about supported decision making and creating a network of supporters.


Antigen Saliva Test (Lollipop Test)

Maggie talks about using the lollypop test.

COVID Vaccine

Maggie shares her experience getting Jamie vaccinated.

Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

Maggie talks about her experience doing a RAT.

Oral Rapid Antigen Rapid

Maggie talks about using the oral test (not nasal).

Mask Exemptions

Maggie talks about mask exemptions for people with disability.

COVID Vacinations At Home

Here is some information about Covid vaccinations at home or booking in to the sensory clinics. Booking can be made by phone: 13 COVID (1326843) or by submitting a booking form.

Diagnosis, now what?

Health | Safety

Non Contact Thermometers and Chewable Panadol


Incident Reports

NDIS | Supports

Tips for Review Time

Maggie shares some tips for review time - your support worker can give an overview on the supports they provided

What can I get with my NDIS funding?

Nominees for NDIS, Centrelink and Medicare

Young Carers Program


Support Workers | Supporters

Support Workers

Maggie’s shares some tips on finding support workers, your expectations, advertising and training.

Behaviour | Communication

Resisting supports or services

Maggie shares some tips on what to do if your loved one resists receiving supports or services.

Using Visual Supports

Laura from the DDWA team talks about how to use visual supports in an empowering way.

Photo Cards / Proof of Age

Maggie talks about how to get a photo card for your loved one with disability.

All About Me Books

Maggie talks about using 'All about me' books and how they can be used to support people to know and understand your child.


Sexuality | Relationships


Maggie talks about some helpful resources and organisations that support issues around sexuality.

FAQ's | Articles

All About Me Book (What is important to and for me)

By DDWA Team | June 15, 2022
This is an information booklet to share with your teachers, support workers, family and friends, about the person with disability and their support needs and interests. You can ask your therapy team to help you create this or make it…

How do I advertise for support workers for my child with challenging behaviours?

By DDWA Team | June 15, 2022
Here are three important things to consider when advertising for support staff: Your child’s interests and strengths Your expectations of the support worker The qualities you would like from a support worker  Availability of support staff shifts Rate of pay…

What about my Child’s Mental Health

By DDWA Team | June 14, 2022
Children and adults with developmental disabilities are at least two to three more times likely to have mental health issues as their neurotypical peers. As parents we need to think about the mental health of our children. There are a…
boy smiling

How do I let my child’s teacher know about their interests and stressors?

By DDWA Team | May 11, 2022
All about me – books One idea is to create an All About Me book with or for your child and share this with your child’s teacher. An All About Me book should include all the most important, relevant information…
young girl lying on grass smiling

Behaviour Support Plans, Management Plans & Supports

By DDWA Team | May 11, 2022
What is the difference between a Behaviour Support Plan and an Individual Education Plan? A behaviour support plan is written by a behaviour practitioner and is to be implemented across all settings, including home and other environments. A behaviour support…
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Maggie talks about Nominees

By DDWA Team | January 19, 2022
Click on the link below to listen to the recording or follow along with the transcript.

How can families provide training to support workers?

By DDWA Team | January 13, 2022
There are many different ways to provide training on how to support your family member with challenging behaviours. The most important thing is to ensure the supporter gets to know the person really well and the person feels safe with…
Woman on the phone

What if I don’t have a behaviour support plan or funding, but I need help to support behaviour and aggression at home and school?

By DDWA Team | January 13, 2022
Even if you do not have funding for behaviour support there are lots of options to help you. DDWA You can access peer support through the DDWA peer support program called Side by Side. Side by Side also has a…

How do I find a behaviour support practitioner?

By DDWA Team | January 13, 2022
Support Suggestions Here are a few suggestions about how you can find a behaviour support practitioner that is right for you and your family. You can ask other parents for suggestions from their own experiences with behaviour support providers. You…
young woman with her hands on her head looking stressed

What is behaviour support & Why do we need it?

By DDWA Team | January 13, 2022
Behaviour support is a way of thinking through why someone behaves in ways that may be seen as challenging. Usually, this relates back to unmet needs that the person has. Behaviour support is about focussing on the environment and the…