My Life Keys -
Self Advocacy Project

Workshops for Adults and Teenagers with Intellectual Disability

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DDWA is excited to receive NDIS ILC funding to offer the My Life Keys - ‘Keys to Success’ Program in schools and community group homes during 2021 and 2022.

Some outcomes include;

People will:

  • Be encouraged to become strong self-advocates and exercise their rights/responsibilities as human beings, citizens, community members and service users.
  • Receive support to develop their skills i.e., Self-Expression, Self-Determination, Self-Reliance, Self-Confidence, Self-Development and Self-Esteem.
  • Develop skills to enable them to have more of a say in their NDIS plan or take charge of their plan.
  • Hear about real examples of how speaking up has helped other people to achieve the lifestyle of their choice.
  • Develop skills/confidence to speak up when making choices and decisions or when setting goals for the future and generally having a say in their life.
  • Develop the confidence to join peer groups, participate in community activities and join service user groups such as DDWA board advisory sub-committee.
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Would you like to be involved?

Please contact us for more information if your school or organisation supports people with intellectual disability, and you would like to be involved in this project (workshops are provided free).

Call Beth or Theresa M. at DDWA on (08) 9420 7203.

Or Email

My Life Keys Workshops for Teenagers and Adults with Intellectual Disability 

picture of a gold key with the word success

This 8 hour course was developed and tested by VALID in Victoria. It is delivered over 4 workshops which run for 2 hours per week, or for 2 x half day sessions.  DDWA has delivered this series of workshops to a number of schools and community group homes across Perth and regional areas. Each session is facilitated by DDWA project staff along with a co-facilitator with intellectual disability.

What people are saying:

I loved the course; it was amazing.

It gave me hope for the future.

I talked about my feelings and what I want to do in the future.