Our People

Back row left to right:
Bronwyn Pike, Taryn Harvey (CEO until recently), Teresa Pracilio,
Grace Kelly, Lisa Dockery (recently left DDWA)

Front row left to right:
Mary Butterworth, Jessica Toster, Maxine Drake, Sue Birch

Mary Butterworth
Acting Manager
and Resources / Information / Skills / Education (RISE) Manager
Email:  mary.butterworth@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7230

Sue Birch
Finance / Office Manager
Email:  sue.birch@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7283

Teresa Pracilio
Membership & Administration Manager
Email:  teresa.pracilio@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Grace Kelly
Aboriginal Project Support Officer
Email:  grace.kelly@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Bronwyn Pike
Side by Side Coordinator
Email:  bronwyn.pike@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Jessica Toster
Office Assistant
Email:  jessica.toster@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Beth Marchbank
Project Officer
Email:  beth.marchbank@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Maxine Drake
Service Negotiator / Advocacy
Email:  maxine.drake@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Jaquie Mills
Project Officer
Email:  jaquie.mills@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203

Annette Garstone
Communications Officer
Email:  annette.garstone@ddwa.org.au
Phone:  9420 7203


Contact Details

City West Lotteries House

(opposite Watertown, formerly called Harbour Town)
2 Delhi Street
West Perth  WA  6005
Ph:     08 9420 7203

Email:  ddwa@ddwa.org.au
Web:   www.ddwa.org.au