Nourish with Gastrostomy

A percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) is used for enteral feeding (tube through the wall of the stomach) for people who cannot eat or drink using their mouth.

Nourish is an online resource that has been designed with parents and advised by clinicians from Perth Children’s Hospital and other clinicians around Australia. It includes videos and Ask and Do sheets.

Learning about gastrostomy usually begins in the clinic with the medical, nursing, and allied health staff. Clinic staff will provide support before the procedure, in hospital and help with solving any problems that might come up once you are at home again.

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Course Outline

Module 01 Learn & Decide

You will learn about gastrostomy, why this may be recommended and who will help you. Parents share their experiences.

Module 02 First Steps in Hospital

You will learn about what will happen once your child is admitted to hospital to have the gastrostomy inserted and how to feed.

Module 03 Living Well With Gastrostomy

Parents who have a child with gastrostomy speak about their experiences from early days to ongoing life with their family.

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