New Online Learning Available

DDWA have published three NEW online courses which capture the key information and resources from our most recent projects.  This is just the beginning and we look forward to creating more courses as 2020 unfolds.

What is Available and How to Enrol?

There are THREE courses now available. Each one has been created from project work including workshops and activities held over the past year.  They were developed for the particular audience engaged in the project, however anyone is welcome to enrol.

To access the courses, click on the course image which will take you to the Developmental Disability WA Thinkific Platform.  You will be asked to create a free account so you can log in.

About this course:

This training course is designed to help Educators in Mainstream schools to consolidate and enhance their knowledge and skills about:

  1. Why we do Inclusive Education?
  2. Where we have come from ? – the history of inclusive education; the law and standards
  3. What does inclusive schooling look like in practice?
  4. How can we advance our inclusive practice?
  5. Where can you get help and education resources for inclusion?



 About this course:

Parents (Grandparents or others) thinking about the best school choice for their child with a disability will find some useful ideas in this package.  People on this journey with their own children came together to share their experiences and helped to create this program, which covers topics and ideas including:
  1. How do I get the best from a regular school for my child?
  2. Tips for working in partnership and communicating with teachers
  3. How to stand up for your child in meetings and have your say in formal documented plans.



About this course:

This course was developed from the Positive Behaviour Support in Mainstream Services project, which looked at a range of initiatives to understand and develop supports for people with a disability who may experience behaviour that we find challenging at times.  Each module is an introduction to the key underlying principles of understanding behaviour which include:

  1. Understanding Regulation
  2. Relationships
  3. Communication
  4. Supporting Processing
  5. Health and Well-being


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We hope that you enjoy your online learning experience with us. If you have any suggestions for future modules and courses, please let us know your ideas.