picture of a woman wearing a face mask

Face mask exemptions WA

Did you know that adults with disability are exempt from wearing a mask?

DDWA have created an Easy English document to support people to understand the rule made on the 31st January, 2021 by the Government of Western Australia. This rule states there are certain people who do not need to wear a mask. This exemption includes:

(b)  a person who has a physical or mental illness, condition or disability which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable;

For more information on exemptions to wearing a mask, see the WA Government Website.


Download the Easy English document below. Also included to download are Face Covering Exemption Cards created by Photosymbols in the UK. These cards may be helpful to carry with you to use as a visual communication support to help people in the community understand why someone is not wearing a mask.

DDWA will continue to source resources to assist people and families through this pandemic. See also the COVID-19 page for more information.