Terms of Reference for the Disability Abuse Royal Commission 

What do you think should be included?


DDWA encourages people with disability to have their say about what should be included in the Disability Abuse Royal Commission. 

Please take the time to complete the Survey and tell DANA what you think is important to be included.  

DANA has worked with the NSW Council on Intellectual Disability (CID), SA CID, Speak Out Advocacy in Tasmania and the Self Advocacy Resource Unit in Victoria to create an Easy Survey for people with intellectual disability.

Other information and further reading:

Terms of Reference Disability Abuse Royal Commission: consultation on the Terms of Reference is open until Thursday 28 March 2019.

Terms of Reference: https://engage.dss.gov.au/royal-commission-into-violence-abuse-neglect-and-exploitation-of-people-with-disability/draft-terms-of-reference/

Easy English Fact Sheet https://engage.dss.gov.au/royal-commission-into-violence-abuse-neglect-and-exploitation-of-people-with-disability/easy-read-fact-sheet/

DSS Survey for Responses: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LSXH77X

Here is a thoughtful article from Starting with Julius about the problems with the survey. http://www.startingwithjulius.org.au/the-feedback-survey-is-here-what-now/?fbclid=IwAR2xMGurjE0lQ0T-9QFS56RHYHfvYzQBIHXPDK_WjW8QV3xESRFjkcVhb1I

And there is a really detailed and comprehensively referenced paper about Violence, Abuse, Exploitation and Neglect Against People with Disability in Australia, Available Data as at March 2019, which has been compiled by Carolyn Frohmader, CEO of WWDA, for and on behalf of Disabled People’s Organisations Australia (DPO Australia. http://dpoa.org.au/violence-abuse-exploitation-neglect-people-disability-australia-available-data-march-2019/