COVID-19 Easy Read Resources

Communication is always important but during this COVID-19 pandemic where there is considerable change and uncertainty, it is crucial that we support those with developmental disability and complex communication needs with ways to talk about their new routines, their feelings and their understanding of the coronavirus pandemic.


Here is a link to some new Easy Read resources about covid 19 vaccines:

Getting Tested for COVID-19

DDWA have developed two Reader’s and the two Aided Language Display’s – Free to download now. These resources are to support people understand why they might need a COVID-19 test, what the test is like, and that they have the right to decide whether or not to have the test.

Help with COVID-19 Conversations

The following aided language displays were created by Janelle Sampson, Speech Language Pathologist and Director of Two Way Street to help with conversations at this time.

They can be used to support receptive understanding of spoken language and to give access to expressive language too.

Janelle Sampson has written two blog posts to explain how these tools can be used if you are unsure.

Another resource to explore at this time if the child or adult you support with developmental disability does not have their own AAC system are the Universal Core Communication Systems from Project Core developed by the Centre for Literacy and Disability Studies at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill:

Universal Core Communication Systems

How your NDIS supports and services are delivered during COVID-19

An Easy Read version of the COVID-19 What NDIS participants can expect from their providers and support workers

Easy Read resources about a variety of topics in relation to COVID-19

Developed by Access Easy English (Easy Read)

“Easy for Me” is designed to give people ideas for keeping busy and staying connected while they stay at home. It has recipes, puzzles and activities, and a helpful guide to online apps and programs. While it isn’t presented in a traditional Easy Read format, it is written at a Grade 4 reading level. It has also been tested with a group of people with varying literacy levels in an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Easy for Me Magazine

Accessing the Australian Government APP for COVID-19 information (Easy Read)

COVID-19 Government App

Easy Read

More Easy Read Resources that you might find useful during the pandemic

The following link is to a comprehensive resource which includes the following Easy Read and Plain English information:

Social Narrative: Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Narrative: Coronavirus COVID-19 Social Narrative: Greeting People Social Narrative: Giving People Space (Social Distancing) Social Narrative: Giving People Space When Talking Visual Support: Hand Washing (Clipart) Visual Support: Hand Washing (Photos) Task Analysis: Hand Washing Creating Visual Supports and Social Narrative Apps Visual Support: Calendar Template Visual Support: Countdown Example Visual Support: Timer (Using Stickie Notes) Timer Apps

Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times

DDWA has developed some Readers to help you to support people with developmental disability to understand the changes they are facing and needing to cope with during the coronavirus pandemic. Choose the format that suits you best!

You can download the readers as PDF files or you can adapt the photos and text to better suit the person you are supporting by downloading the Powerpoint file instead.