picture of school bus

Can my child go on the special school bus service?

Students attending education support centres and schools in the metropolitan area can access the School Bus Service’s (SBS) to attend school regularly. The ‘Orange’ bus service is provided by the Public Transport Authority using contracted bus services.

SBS is also responsible for providing eligible rural students and students with special needs, free transport assistance to and from school on contracted ‘Orange’ school buses. These services are critical to enable students to attend school regularly.

Approval of a students’ entitlement to travel on a school bus means the student is entitled to be picked up and dropped off at specific locations, along bus routes approved by SBS and transported to and from their nearest appropriate school.

When a contract school bus service is not available for an eligible student, SBS may assist the student’s family by providing a conveyance allowance (payment) as a contribution towards the costs of transporting their child/ren to and from school.

*The school bus service policy is based on transport to the nearest appropriate school closest to the students place of residence. Please see the following link for more details (page 16)


picture of school bus