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All the current DDWA resources, as well as selected
resources from other organisations are shown below:

Supporting School-age Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

A Guide for Parents and Carers
Free to Download

This guide has been developed to provide parents and carers of children (and young adults) with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) with useful information so they can share with family members, teachers and principals.

It aims to help family members and teachers to work with children with FASD in optimal ways to maximise their learning and social enjoyment of school.

Thank you to the main contributors Dr Amanda Wilkins and Dr Robyn Williams.

If you would like to let us know about any corrections or omissions, please contact Mary Butterworth at mary.butterworth@ddwa.org.au before 30 November 2019.

Planning to go to the dentist

A Guide for People with Autism and Their Families
Free to Download

In this booklet we aim to assist people with Autism and their families prepare for upcoming dental visits as well as provide tips and techniques that ensure proper oral health habits in the future and ways of receiving optimal dental care.

We wish to thank the authors Dr Greg Grillo and Dr David Hudnall from Dentably in Nebraska, United States, for giving permission for this resource book to be reproduced in Western Australia.

Working Together:  Therapy in the Early Years

A Guide for Parents
Free to Download

This guide aims to provide you with information to assist you in making decisions and getting the help and therapy services needed to build your child’s skills so they can actively participate in family, school and community life.

You are the most important person in your child’s life and know your child best. You know their likes and dislikes; your family routines, and you spend the most time with your child. This means you are in the best position to  help your child to develop through being actively involved in their therapy through play, time at home and out and about together.

Kick-Starting Your Child’s Career Journey

A Guide for Families of Young People with Disability
2019 Revised Edition
Free to Download

All families want their children to lead productive and fulfilling lives. People with disability also share this aspiration. More than 80% of people receiving the Disability Support Pension report they would like to have a job.

This updated guide by Sue Robertson, former Managing Director of Edge Employment Solutions, provides practical tips and information to help families plan constructively for their child’s future employment.

I Am Trying To Tell You Something!

Supporting adults who can behave in challenging ways

A Guide For Families

DDWA is very pleased to release this new guide which helps us to understand the needs of people who can behave in challenging ways.

Providing a thorough overview of why challenging behaviours occur and how we can support people who experience the need to engage in challenging behaviour, this guide can help parents and carers to recognise their strengths to help achieve better outcomes for adults with disability.

It’s about understanding needs and WHY people with disability may respond with challenging behaviours.

Available to read and download FREE of charge:

Planning and Making Choices

A Handbook for Families
2019 Edition

We are thrilled to make available this updated popular and informative Handbook from Bob Jackson PhD, Inclusion Consultant.

FREE to download and yours to own (postage and handling charges apply).

This Handbook looks at understanding your child’s development and helps you plan and make choices with your child to support them to reach their potential.

Designed for parents of children with disability who want to learn how to access an ordinary, typical life for their son or daughter.

This resource was funded by the Department of Communities – Disability Services.

There’s no such thing as a silly question

A practical guide for families living with a child with chronic illness, disability, mental illness or a life-threatening condition.

This publication was updated in November 2018 and is now available at the DDWA online shop:  www.ddwa.org.au/shop

FREE printed copies are now available (note that postage & handling charges apply).  Copies are also available from Kalparrin and the Telethon Kids Institute.

Sexuality, Relationships and Your Rights

DDWA is proud to share this resource about sexuality and the law for people of all abilities from Sexuality Education Counselling and Consulting Agency (SECCA).

This newly updated resource incorporates current laws, as well as social and language changes that have occurred since 2002 when the first edition of this resource was published.

Disclaimer:  There are many graphically illustrated images in this booklet.  Some of the images are of private body parts and sexual topics.

FREE to download and yours to own (postage and handling charges apply).

What is your child’s challenging behaviour trying to tell you?

This introductory guide is for parents, family members and carers who are worried about their child’s/family members behaviour.

Parents can feel under a lot of pressure to ‘solve’ behaviour problems and are naturally very worried about the best approach to take. There are often complex reasons behind a child’s behaviour and it is rarely anyone’s fault, rather it is difficult to interpret what their behaviour is trying to tell us.

FREE to download and yours to own (printing, postage and handling charges apply).

Teaching Students with Disabilities
A Catalogue of Contemporary Resources for Inclusive Practice

A Resource for Educators

This resource was developed to provide a curated catalogue of useful references and resources to help educators in their leadership and education practices especially for students with disability.

The aim of this resource is to save time for educators searching for information on how to improve their teaching and inclusive practices; and provide links to useful resources in each category.

The topic areas were identified as a result of consultation with Teachers, Principals, Education Assistants and key Education professionals at Catholic Education WA, Association of Independent Schools. Notre Dame University and Edith Cowan University.

FREE to download and yours to own (copying, postage and handling charges apply).

Autism Parents’ Handbook

2018 Edition

DDWA is pleased to support Heidi Brandis who has published this updated book to help parents who are looking for more information following the diagnosis of their child with Autism.

For more details and how to get your own copy:

The 2015 edition is still available here.

Mapping Needs

Complex support needs planning:
How to use mind maps to build a WA NDIS plan

This resource has been designed to assist staff working in the disability sector to identify and plan for the wide range of supports that a person with complex needs may have.  Family members may also find it a useful tool in the planning process as well.

This project is part of an NDIS information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) initiative.
For more ILC events and resources visit:

Read or download this guide here.

Your Dental Health WA

This guide has been written for people with intellectual disability that outlines how to look after
your teeth and gums. Further, it demystifies options in seeking dental care (such as public versus private) and what to expect during a visit to the dentist.

This resource is produced in partnership between:

* Inclusion Designlab, which is Inclusion Melbourne’s engine room for research, innovation,
communications and policy;

* DDWA; and

* the Australian Dental Association Western Australia.

Read or download this guide here.

Personalised learning support plans used in education


This resource by Dolly Bhargava provides parents with the information on the variety of support plans used in WA government schools.

Included at the back are several example Individual Education Plans for a child’s academic, emotional and social needs.

There is also a plan to support a child with toileting assistance needs.

Free to DOWNLOAD. 

Unfortunately this guide is currently out of print.  You can, however, contact your local Department of Communities, Disabilities Services office to see if they have any hard copies available for you to collect.


Walking Along Side me – Making Your Plan

This easy to understand planning booklet can help people with disability and/or mental illness to think about their future and plan what things would make their life better.

Walking Along Side me – Brochure: 

The NDIS in WA Brochure provides lots of examples of services to support people with disability and/or mental illness and also a step by step guide to accessing support.

Walking Beside Me brochure

Pain:  A Guide for Parents

2017 Edition

Reproduced by kind permission of Cerebra in the UK www.w3cerebra.org.uk

This guide aims to help the parents of children with severe intellectual disability and/or communication difficulties understand how pain may affect their child.

Choosing what matters

Ideas for families

The resource by Heather Simmons is designed to help you and your family understand some of the strangeness and complexity that there is in our attitudes toward disability.

It aims to help you find a way through that complexity and has some ideas about how to see the world differently.

It will help you to think about what really matters so that you and your family don’t just get the services you require but get the life you want to live together


Being your child’s advocate – Derrin Kramer’s tips on Thinking Ahead – Learn How to Advocate for Your Child at School.

Dolly Bhargava’s workbook was written for a workshop on goal setting generally, but it is also beneficial for people looking at goal setting in the education environment

Emergencies happen

This booklet has been provided by the Red Cross and is a useful guide for preparing yourself for emergencies.

Download a copy.

See page 31 (scroll down or see attached guide) for Tips to support a person with a disability to be prepared for disaster

If you require a plain text version, please contact the Australian Red Cross 1800 811 700

Hospital: Emergency / Planned Admission Forms

These much-awaited Hospital Admission forms are for families to use when someone with a disability is going to hospital, either urgently or for a planned admission. These forms have been developed through consultation with health professionals, disability service providers, families and other interested parties.


Starting Out

A Guide for Families to Assist the Inclusion of Young Children with Disability into Community Life in Western Australia, produced by our wonderful partners at Early Childhood Intervention Australia (WA)

Starting School

This third edition of the publication is a guide for parents of children in Western Australia.

National guidelines for best practice in early childhood intervention

ECIA has produced the first National Guidelines for Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention for professionals working in Australia’s childhood disability services sector.

The National Guidelines draw upon extensive consultation within the sector and government and provide a framework for excellence in service deliver.

The Guidelines will also support service providers as they prepare for the NDIS rollout.

ECIA have said that these Guidelines will help to ensure that no matter where someone lives, whether in rural, remote or regional areas, this will support their members to provide high quality consistent and evidence based practice.